Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. 

I'll meet you there. - Rumi

Aiyana Counseling is located in the heart of Multnomah Village, an eclectic collection of shops and restaurants in a small hamlet of SW Portland. There is 2 hour parking on the street and across from the building. Please plan for an extra 5-10 minutes to find parking, especially around lunch or dinner times when the village is busier.

The office is on the 2nd floor of a historic building. There is a flight of stairs and no elevator. You may want to leave strollers in the car or let us know if you need help before coming up. 

If the door to the office suite is closed, we are likely in session. Please have a seat and help yourself to tea or water from the cart.


7822 SW Capitol Hwy, Suite 5
Portland, OR 97219
(971) 717-2187