Getting Started

What is the first step?

We offer a free initial consultation by phone to give us the opportunity to talk a little about what you are looking for and see if our practice is a good fit for you. To schedule a phone consultation, please fill out the new client contact form.

After the consult, you will have the opportunity to schedule an intake session and we will send you a link to an online portal to complete a few forms and look at practice policies before we meet.

What will the first session be like?

Our first meeting is an intake session and will be scheduled for 60-80 minutes. During this meeting, we will talk about your personal and family history and what brings you to counseling. It is important that this first meeting is as comfortable as possible for you, so you are encouraged to share on your comfort level. This is also a good time for you to get a better sense of your counselor and whether they feel like the right fit for you. At the end of the session, we'll summarize your focus and goals for counseling as well as talk about how we might work together to meet those goals. If you feel like it's a good fit, we will schedule our next session at that time.

What about future sessions?

Typically, we meet once weekly at the beginning of counseling for a 55-60 minute session. Meeting weekly gives you just the right amount of time between sessions to feel like you've made some progress toward your goals while getting the support you need for change. Each week, we will check in about our last session and the week prior. Sometimes, there will be something that feels pressing to talk about and other times we will talk about something related to your goals. 

Babies are always welcome at sessions. 

Click here for information about insurance and fees.